Association for protection of human rights in the criminal proceedings “ARTICLE 9” is a platform of human rights organizations, experts and analysts to promote the right to liberty and security of person.

The priorities of the Association are the stages of the criminal process and legal proceedings, at which there is a risk of violation of human rights and freedoms: legality, grounds and procedure for detention; medical examination; access to effective legal assistance; freedom from torture / ill-treatment; the lawfulness of detention; compliance with procedural deadlines; civilian monitoring and conditions of detention in places of deprivation of liberty; effective appeal procedures and effective complaints investigation; access to a fair trial; compensation, rehabilitation and reparation issues.


  1. Recognition of the inseparability and primacy of human dignity;
  2. Recognition of the universality of human rights and freedoms and the equality of everyone before the law;
  3. The unacceptability of any form of discrimination, both in state policy and in public and interpersonal relations;
  4. Recognition of the principle of state accountability to the public and citizen.


an effective criminal justice system has been created that provides everyone with guarantees of security, justice and legality. The risk of violation of human rights and freedoms has been reduced, the level of transparency and accountability of the security sector in matters of administration of justice has been increased.

Work principles:

  • A comprehensive approach;
  • Responsiveness to the needs of society;
  • Science-based approach;
  • Voluntary participation;
  • Openness, transparency;
  • Partnership with the state;
  • Regional and international partnerships.



The Center for Strategic Litigation Public Foundation :was founded in 2022 to promote human rights through strategic litigation. The Foundation seeks to promote human rights at the national level by using litigation to accelerate the reform of laws and law enforcement practices that deny basic human rights and freedoms.

Sardorbek ABDUKHALILOV : head of the "Center for Strategic Litigation" Public Foundation and lawyer with 17 years of legal experience.


«Center for Strategic Litigation»

Dr. Saniia Toktogazieva: is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Human Rights program at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. Her main area of expertise is Constitutional Law of the KR and Central Asian states, comparative constitutional law, international human rights law, and international criminal law, issues of democratization, rule of law, and constitutionalism.

She holds an SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science) in Comparative Constitutional Law from Central European University (CEU) with summa cul laude, an LL.M. in Human Rights (CEU), an LLB in International and Business law from the American University of Central Asia.

Saniia was a fellow of the Academic Fellowship Program (OSF) and a recipient of the research grant "Beyond the Ivory Tower" supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Saniia has extensive experience of working as a short-term consultant or invited expert in international, regional, and local organizations such as the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA, Sweden), NDI, IMO, OSCE, and as an instructor and teaching assistant at Central European University.

Saniia is a laureate of the "Honor of the Nation" award dedicated to the memory of Salizhan Zhigitov, for civic activism that speaks the language of truth and touches the consciousness of the nation (2020), laureate of the "Zharan" award for a significant civic contribution to the development of rule of law in Kyrgyzstan (2021). Saniia is also a laureate of the “The Best Teacher Award of AUCA” in recognition of excellence in teaching and dedication to the growth and enrichment of AUCA (2018).


Associate Professor, Doctor of Juridical Science

Almaz ESENGELDIEV:   lawyer, trainer and human rights expert, participant of the working group on the inventory of legislation, bringing the legislation into line with the current Constitution, participant of different human rights monitoring, ex-editor of "Golos Svobody" newspaper, currently participates in monitoring the access of citizens and organizations to the Parliament and members of the Parliament.


Legal expert

Institute of Public Analysis:  The Public Association "Institute of Public Analysis" carries out research, expert and analytical activities on a wide range of issues of the formation of civil society, takes initiatives on various issues of public life, makes proposals to the state and municipal authorities and departments on the development and improvement of democratic institutions, mechanisms for protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens. The organization monitors judicial practice, monitors the process of selection of judges, promotes amendments to legal acts to guarantee the independence of judges and the effective realization of the human right to access a fair court.

Aisuluu AYTBAEVA: executive director


"Institute of Public Analysis"

Aida ALYMBAEVA:  She is a senior lecturer at the International University of Central Asia (IUCA, www.iuca.kg). She has extensive research experience, which include issues such as democratic governance of the security sector, civil society, political institutions and processes. Aida graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA, where she received a master's degree in public policy. She is a graduate of the Edmund Masks / FREEDOM Support Act Fellowship program of the US Department of State. She headed the AUCA Social Research Center for 6 years (2005 - 2011), was a consultant to the Geneva Center for Democratic Governance of the Security Sector, the OSCE, USAID, Slovak Aid and many other international organizations.


Expert analyst

Central Asian Alliance Against Addiction (CAAASA):  The Central Asian Alliance Against Addiction was established in 2005. The main activities of CAAASA are the implementation of training programs and research on issues of a medical and social nature. CAAASA is a co-organizer of the Alter Ego rehabilitation center, which provides medical, psycho-social assistance to persons who have suffered from torture and ill-treatment.

Tynchtykbek ASANOV: co-founder of CAAASA, NGO Mental Health and Society, psychiatrist, candidate of medical sciences, head of the Alter-Ego Rehabilitation Center, independent specialist in forensic psychiatry. In 1999-2005, he was the chief psychiatrist and narcologist of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, in 2005-2011 he was a Regional Expert on Central Asia in monitoring drug use, at different times he was an expert at the Open Society Institute (New York) and the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan ".

ASANOV Tynchtykbek

Ph.D. Psychiatrist, "Central Asian Alliance Against Addiction"

Ferghana Valley lawyers without borders:  The Public Association " Ferghana Valley lawyers without borders" was created in 2003 by lawyers from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with the aim of combining the efforts of professional lawyers from the countries of the Ferghana Valley to protect human rights and freedoms, promote the concept of human rights, and promote the development of democracy and the rule of law . The association actively involves representatives of the legal community in the development of high-quality and affordable legal assistance in the protection of human rights and freedoms. The association over the past 10 years has been focusing on issues of the human right to legal personality, where it has many years of successful experience in reducing statelessness and realizing the right to asylum. The organization is a co-founder and coordinator of the Central Asian Statelessness Network (CASB), established in June 2016, which includes representatives of civil society, academia and journalists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Since 2014, the Organization has been maintaining a database of persons who have received legal assistance as part of its legal programs, which at the end of 2019 is 10,828 people.

Azizbek ASHUROV: lawyer, director of the NGO Lawyers of the Ferghana Valley lawyers without borders, coordinator of the Central Asian Network on Statelessness, author of several analytical publications and reports, mediator, member of the ethics committee of the Republican Community of Mediators. In 2019, he was awarded the Nansen Prize for his unwavering commitment to protecting and assisting thousands of stateless people and his outstanding contribution to the eradication of statelessness. The Nansen Prize (formerly called the Nansen Medal) is the annual human rights award of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The Nansen Prize is awarded for services to protect the rights of refugees and stateless persons. It is named after the Norwegian polar explorer, a prominent figure in the field of refugee rights protection, the High Commissioner of the League of Nations for Refugees, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Fridtjof Nansen. The award was established in 1954. A Nansen Committee was established to select candidates. The Nansen Prize has been awarded since 1954, when Eleanor Roosevelt became its first laureate, and for the first time in the post-Soviet space, the Memorial Society was awarded this prize.


"Ferghana Valley lawyers without borders"

The College of Advocates "First Advocate's Office":  has been operating in the justice authorities since December 19, 2016 and unites citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, who received a license for the right to practice law in accordance with the procedure established by law and are members of the Bar. The main activity of the College is to provide qualified legal assistance to individuals and entities, state bodies, local self-government bodies and defendants in order to protect and ensure their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, as well as access to justice.

Razak ASHIMBAYEV: lawyer, Chairman of the College of Advocates "First Advocate's Office"; an assistant, senior assistant of district prosecutor in the prosecutor's office of the Kyrgyz Republic, prosecutor of Chui region prosecutor's office in 1995-2000; lawyer in "Kyrgyzgazmunaizat" in 2000-2001; legal adviser/citizenship coordinator/advocacy coordinator in Counterpart Consortium International Organization in 2001-2003; program manager/advocacy program coordinator/legal advisor at the Association of Civil Society Support Centers (USAID Direct Contractor) in 2004-2007; advocate and director at Legal Service law firm in 2007-2018; head of the Center for Judicial Representation of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2018-2019.


«First Advocate's Office»

Golos Svobody (Voice of freedom) :  The Golos Svobody Public Foundation registered in 2005. The main activity of the organization is the protection and promotion of fundamental civil and political rights in the Kyrgyz Republic at the local and national levels. The public foundation is actively working in the field of: protecting human rights and freedoms in the framework of the criminal process; promoting freedom from torture; monitoring places of deprivation and restriction of liberty; providing legal assistance to victims of torture and ill-treatment; psychological and social rehabilitation (as part of the Alter Ego rehabilitation center for torture victims). The following are used in the activity: analysis of legislation and law enforcement practice; analytics and research; platforms for cooperation with government bodies and international organizations; channels of information and interaction with the population and youth. The organization also promotes the implementation and integration of international standards and principles into national law and law enforcement practices.

Sardar BAGISHBEKOV: Chairman of the Board, lawyer, lawyer of the Legal Clinic Adilet in 2002, worked as senior adviser to the Freedom House program in 2003-2007, and from 2007 to 2019, he was the head of the informal network Coalition against Torture in Kyrgyzstan. Since 2003 he has been participating in the public life of the country, at different times he was: an expert of the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan; member of the Human Rights Defenders Council; member of the Civil Control Committee, two terms was executive secretary of the Public Advisory Council and Public Council at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


"Golos Svobody" (Voice of freedom)

Center for the Study of Democratic Processes:  Public Foundation “Center for the Study of Democratic Processes” was founded in 2002. The main activities of the organization are conducting research, protecting the rights of women and girls from all forms of discrimination, introducing international experience in support of the development of democratic institutions, improving legislation on the basis of universally recognized international law. The Foundation is actively working with law enforcement and judicial authorities on the prevention, suppression and investigation of gender and family crimes and misconduct. More detailed information on the activities of the Fund can be found on the organization’s website http://crdp.asia/

Larisa ILIBEZOVA: Chairperson of the Foundation, sociologist, gender expert.


"Center for the Study of Democratic Processes"

Lawyers for Human Rights:  The Lawyers for Human Rights Public Foundation was established in 2016 with the aim of promoting civil and political human rights in Kyrgyzstan: introducing the practice of providing legal assistance to key groups of people with disabilities who use drugs through the state-guaranteed legal aid system, and collaborating with government agencies to promote a reasonable Drug Policy and to improve legislation in the field of harm reduction, as well as providing legal assistance to victims of violence by officials.

Asel KOILUBAEVA: Chairperson of the Foundation, attorney since 2003, Chairperson of the Coalition against Torture informal network in 2015, Deputy Chairperson of the Coordination council of the National Center for prevention of torture (NPM) in 2016, headed the legal and monitoring programs of the Golos Svobody Public Foundation.


"Lawyers for Human Rights"

Mental Health and Society:  The Public Association Mental Health and Society was established in 2000 with the aim of assisting the reform of the mental health service in the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization is promoting the suggestion that closed psychiatric facilities be replaced with community-based care services, that care be built on the principles of respect for the dignity of people with mental disorders, and that funding be tailored to the needs of users of mental health services. The PES also specializes in implementing good governance principles and state accountability mechanisms.

Burul MAKENBAEVA: doctor, civic activist, blogger, national expert on good governance, member of the Constitutional Council in 2010, member of the Human Rights Defenders Council, member of the Civil Control Committee, member of the Coalition against Torture in 2016.


"Mental Health and Society"

Khusanbay SALIEV: lawyer, Head of the YugProfi Bar Association, coordinator of the Osh office of the Bir Duino-Kyrgyzstan Human Rights Movement, is engaged in law practice, including with a focus on protecting human rights and freedoms. He provides legal assistance to victims of torture, victims of unlawful detention, as well as victims of unjustified criminal prosecution under articles of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic for religious extremism. In his work, he actively cooperates with international and human rights organizations, jointly implementing projects to promote and protect human rights.

SALIEV Khusanbay


Center for the Protection of Public Interests:  The Public Foundation "Center for the Protection of Public Interests" was established in 2016 with the aim of assisting in strengthening open civil society and promoting the principles of the rule of law. One of the foundation's activities is the protection of basic civil human rights in the framework of the criminal process, through monitoring, strategic litigation and analysis of legislation / law enforcement practice. The organization also promotes the use of international protection mechanisms (UN Council on HR, the UN HRC and CEDAW) in the issue of eliminating discrimination against women in the process of detention, pre-trial verification, detention, access to legal protection, etc.

Aidar SYDYKOV: Chairman of the Fund, attorney since 2016, is an engaged expert of the National Center for the Prevention of Torture of the Kyrgyz Republic (monitoring military units and psychiatric institutions), is a member of the roster of experts of the OSCE program office in Bishkek, a member of the Open Government Forum (OGP), member European network against nationalism, racism, fascism, as well as support for migrants, refugees and minorities "UNITED".


"Center for the Protection of Public Interests"

Precedent Partner Group :  The public association “Precedent Partner Group” is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 2010. The main objective of the organization is the development of democracy and the rule of law in Kyrgyzstan. The organization's tasks include: developing an information field in the field of human rights protection; enhancing legal awareness and legal culture of the civilian population of Kyrgyzstan; strengthening the interaction of state power and civil society; Strengthening civic participation in the budget process at the national and local levels; conducting an independent examination of draft laws, research in the field of state strategy and policy. The organization implements the Precedent School for progressive lawyers and graduates, and also disseminates the legal skills to protect freedoms from encroachment by the government and to involve citizens in the process of making state decisions.

Nurbek TOKTAKUNOV: co-founder of the Precedent, practicing lawyer since 2001, blogger, member of the Constitutional Council in 2010, national researcher of the International budget partnership, expert on access to information (changed the practice of requesting information from government agencies through judicial practice and the decision of the UN HRC), author of complaints to the UN Human Rights Committee, member of the Open Government Forum (OGP), author of numerous appeals to the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic, author of numerous publications, the founder of the school of progressive lawyers "Precedent", screenwriter, director.


"Precedent Partner Group "


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